Protect Your Investment

You know how crucial a college education is going to be to your child or grandchild's future...

and you're taking an important step by enrolling in the Florida Prepaid College Plan. But what if you're not there to make all the payments?

The answer is that you can remove that risk with insurance.mortar_trans_300 We offer Florida Prepaid College Plan purchasers the opportunity to apply for a dedicated-purpose life insurance policy specifically designed to provide the necessary funds to pay off your contract should you (or your co-purchaser if also insured) die before making all the payments. You can apply for this coverage at any time. Once you are insured, your annual premium will never increase. Apply today to ensure that the higher education you want for your child or grandchild can be a reality - no matter what.


  • Pays off the full outstanding balance of your Prepaid College Plan
  • No physical exam needed to qualify / no need to meet with an agent
  • Your premiums will never increase
  • Joint Purchaser / Co-Purchaser coverage available - pays on the death of either insured
  • Includes $5,000 of student life insurance
  • Additional student coverage up to $50,000 available


Coverage details and plan types.



Sample Premiums