Insurance To Pay Off The Outstanding Balance
On Your Florida Prepaid College Plan Contract

This unique group life insurance protection is available only to Florida Prepaid College Plan participants. Gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you don't have to worry about the possibility of something happening to you before you finish making the payments on your Florida Prepaid College Plan contract.

Life Insurance For The Purchaser/Co-Purchaser

Choose Either:

  • Single Coverage - pays the entire balance due on the covered contract if the insured dies before all of the required payments for the contract have been made,


  • Joint Coverage - pays the entire balance due on the covered contract upon the death of either insured before all of the required payments for the contract have been made.

Note: Purchaser and Co-Purchaser mean the same as Account Owner and Survivor.

Additional Life Insurance For The Beneficiary (i.e. The Student)

$5,000 of insurance on the life of the student is automatically included at no additional cost with either single or joint coverage for the Purchaser / Co-Purchaser.

  • Up to $50,000 of optional additional insurance is also available on the life of the student. Coverage is offered in $5,000 increments up to $50,000. You can apply for student coverage even if you do not insure yourself as the Purchaser.

Student coverage continues to age 25 and can be converted to a permanent individual policy after that – even if the student develops health problems that might make him or her uninsurable.

Many parents have never gotten around to getting life insurance on their children. The included $5,000 student life insurance benefit provides funds for final expenses. And, the plan offers an easy way to purchase additional student coverage with a guarantee that they can convert that coverage to an individual policy later regardless of changes in their health.

Coverage / Exclusions

This insurance covers death from any cause, natural or accidental. Suicide within the first two years is the only exclusion. Premiums will be refunded for any units of insurance affected.

Eligibility & Application

To apply, you must be under age 70 and have purchased an eligible Florida Prepaid College Plan contract. AT THE CONCLUSION OF THE ONLINE PREPAID COLLEGE PLAN APPLICATION PROCESS, YOU WILL BE GIVEN AN OPPORTUNITY TO APPLY FOR THIS INSURANCE.

You can, however, apply at any time by calling Student Insurance Services at 1 800 552-4723 (prompt- 4) for a paper application form or instructions for accessing the online application feature on this website.

To qualify for coverage, everyone to be insured must be able to truthfully answer “No” to the two health questions on the application. You will not have to take a physical exam or meet with an insurance agent.

When Does Coverage Begin and End?

Coverage will be effective on the twentieth day of the month following acceptance of your application by the insurance company and continues until the earliest of:

  • the date on which you make your final payment on your Florida Prepaid College Plan contract;
  • the date on which your insurance premiums are thirty days in arrears;
  • the premium due date next following your 75th birthday; or
  • the date on which you voluntarily cancel your insurance.


Premiums are payable annually, semi-annually or quarterly at the option of the insured.

Premiums are based on your age when you become insured and the pay-off value of your Florida Prepaid College Plan contract. Joint coverage premium is calculated using the age of the older of the Purchaser and the Co-Purchaser.


Your premium will remain the same for the duration of your coverage.

You have the right to cancel this insurance at any time.